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The Legislative Assembly appointed Eduardo Duhalde as interim President of Argentina

Date : 2002-January-02

Country/Region : Argentina

Description :

Eduardo Duhalde was appointed as the interim President of Argentina by the Legislative Assembly on January 2nd, 2002. This appointment happened at a time when Argentina was facing significant political and economic instability. As the interim President, Duhalde was responsible to lead the country through a difficult transition period and take steps to restore stability and confidence in the government.

Duhalde was employed as President from January 2002 to May 2003. During this time, he implemented a series of economic activities aimed at stabilizing the finances of the country and overcoming the serious economic crisis that had gripped Argentina. These economic activities included freezing bank accounts, devaluing the currency, and defaulting on the foreign debt of the country. His presidency was marked by challenges and his procedures helped lay the foundation for the eventual recovery of Argentina. According to that, Duhalde's appointment as interim President was a crucial incident in the recent history of Argentina. It started a new era of Argentina's political and economic change.

Category : Politics

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