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Haiti declared its independence from France

Haiti declared its independence from France featured image - LankaTricks

Date : 1804-January-01

Country/Region : Haiti

Description :

Haiti is a country in the Caribbean Sea, and it is the third-largest country in the Caribbean area. The capital of Haiti is Port-au-Prince, and its’ estimated population is 11.4 million as per the World Bank record of 2020. Haiti declared its independence from France in 1804. 

The Haitian Declaration of Independence was proclaimed by Jean-Jacques Dessalines on January 01, 1804, in the port city of Gonaïves, ending of 13-year-long Haitian Revolution. According to this declaration of independence, Haiti became the first independent nation in Latin America. Independence was the central issue for the Haitian revolution, and it mainly focused on obtaining freedom from their enslavement under France. This revolt started on August 22, 1791. The ex-slave Toussaint Louverture emerged as the most charismatic hero in the revolution. Due to the Haitian declaration of independence, Haitian Revolution was the only successful slave revolution in history. 

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