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General Knowledge - Part 3

Published 7 months ago by LankaTricks
General Knowledge - Part 3

General knowledge - Part 3 consists of 30 questions with answers that are related to various topics, including geography, history, civics, innovations, intelligence, arts, sports, and science. These help to enhance your general knowledge and develop your intellectual abilities.

  1. When is the date of the United Nations?  October 24
  2. What is the motto of the United Nations?  Peace, dignity, and equality on a healthy planet
  3. When started World War II?    September 1, 1939
  4. What is the reason for World War II?    Adolf Hitler's invasion of Poland
  5. Who suggested the name of the United Nations?   United States President Franklin D. Roosevelt
  6. What canal connected the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea?   The Suez Canal
  7. Suez Canal is located between which two continents?    Africa and Asia
  8. What is the capital of North Korea?   Pyongyang
  9. Who is the first female prime minister in the United Kingdom?    Margaret Hilda Thatcher
  10. What is the official name of India?     Republic of India
  11. Which country will have the largest population in the world by June 2023?     India
  12. Who is the first president of India?    Rajendra Prasad
  13. What is the national flower in India?    Lotus
  14. What is the capital of India?   New Delhi
  15. What is the national animal of India?   Royal Bengal Tiger
  16. What is the currency type of India?      Indian Rupee (INR)
  17. What is the National Heritage Animal of India?      The Indian elephant is the national heritage animal of India since 22 October 2010
  18. What is the national tree of India?   The Banyan tree
  19. What is the longest river in India?   The Ganges River
  20. Which is the largest state in India?    Rajasthan
  21. What is the world's largest country?   Russia
  22. Who is the author of In Search of Lost Time book?    Marcel Proust
  23. Who is the founder of Microsoft?     Bill Gates and Paul Allen
  24. What is the tallest waterfall in the world?  Angel Falls
  25. Where is Angel Falls located?    Canaima National Park, in the state of Bolívar, in the southeast part of Venezuela
  26. What is the widest waterfall in the world?     Khone Phapheng Falls
  27. Where is Khone Phapheng Falls located?   Southern Laos
  28. Niagara Waterfall is located in between which countries?   The United States and Canada
  29. Who invented the airplane?   Orville and Wilbur Wright
  30. What is the metal used to recover copper from a solution of copper sulphate?  Iron


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