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Innovation of the steamboat

Innovation of the steamboat featured image - LankaTricks

Date : 1807-August-17

Country/Region : United States of America (USA)

Description :

American inventor Robert Fulton built and operated the world's first commercially successful steamboat. Before turning his talents to the steamboat, Fulton had successfully built and operated a submarine in France. In 1802, Fulton contracted with Robert Livingston to construct a steamboat for use on the Hudson River. After building prototypes in Europe over the next four years, he returned to New York in 1806.

Robert Fulton's first steamboat traveled from New York City to Albany on the Hudson River with a 150-mile trip on 17th August 1807 that took 32 hours at an average speed of about five miles per hour. This steamboat was called the Clermont. The age of steamboats was born after this incident.

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