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King Taksin was crowned King of Thailand (Siam)

King Taksin was crowned King of Thailand (Siam)  featured image - LankaTricks

Date : 1767-December-28

Country/Region : Thailand

Description :

King Taksin was also called the King of Thonburi. He was the only king of the Thonburi Kingdom. Before, he had been an aristocrat in the Ayutthaya Kingdom.  In 1767, he became a major leader during the liberation of Siam from Burmese occupation after the Second Fall of Ayutthaya and the subsequent unification of Siam after it fell under various warlords.

Taksin was crowned King of Siam at Thonburi Palace in Thonburi, the new capital of Siam, on December 28, 1767. He was 34 years of age at the time of his coronation. King Taksin founded the city of Thonburi as the new capital due to the city of Ayutthaya had been almost destroyed by the invaders. He struggled to repel Burmese invasions and conquer the northern Thai Kingdom of Lanna, Cambodia, and the Laotian principalities.

Thonburi was a city of 20 kilometers from the sea. Therefore, it was much better suited to seaborne commerce. King Taksin never truly had time to devote to turning Thonburi into a great metropolis because he was occupied with the subjugation of internal and external enemies and territorial expansion throughout his reign.

However, he focused on politics, administration, the economy, and the welfare of the country. Also, the king attempted to revive literature and various elements of the arts such as drama, painting, architecture, and handicrafts. Further, he built trade and fostered relations with foreign countries, including China, Britain, and the Netherlands.

Category : Politics

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