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Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs Biography - LankTricks

Profession : Entrepreneur

Born : 1955-February-24

Birthplace : San Francisco, California, United States of America (USA)

Nationality : American

Biography :

Steve Paul Jobs was an American entrepreneur, inventor, and industrial designer. He is the co-founder of Apple Inc. He also served as the CEO of Apple Inc. It is one of the world's largest technology companies and was a key figure in the development of the personal computer revolution and the popularization of the graphical user interface. Jobs established Apple in 1976. He was widely recognized for his innovative ideas and unique approach to design and technology and is considered one of the most influential figures in the history of the personal computer industry.

Steve Jobs's wife is Laurene Powell Jobs.  As CEO of Apple, he supervised the launch of the iMac, iTunes, iPod, iPad, and iPhone, transforming personal computing. In addition to that, Jobs was also the CEO of Pixar Animation Studios and was a member of the board of directors of the Walt Disney Company. Under the leadership of Steve Jobs, Apple became one of the most valuable and successful companies in the world.

Died : 2011-October-05

Cause of Death : Pancreatic cancer

Place of Death : Palo Alto, California, United States of America (USA)

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