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International Workers' Day

International Workers' Day

Date : 1st May

Description :

International Workers' Day is also known as Labour Day or May Day in most countries. Every year on May 1, workers all over the world celebrates International Workers' Day. It is a public holiday to celebrate the achievements of workers in many countries across the world.

History of International Workers' Day was started in 1886. In May 1886, 400,000 workers in many areas of the United States went on strike to demand an eight-hour working day. The strike started peacefully. But protests in Chicago on the third day, there was some violence. The police shot at unarmed workers and some of them were killed. The next day, there were more protests and someone threw a bomb. Seven police officers and four workers were killed. Eight workers were arrested. But the person who threw the bomb was never identified. One of the arrested workers was sent to prison for 15 years, and others were sentenced to death. Most of the people didn't believe the arrested workers were guilty, and they said the trial was unfair.

This incident was called the Haymarket Affair, and it was very important to gather workers together in the United States. The Haymarket Affair became a symbol of the struggle for workers' rights around the world. The eight-hour working day became law for public workers in 1892 in the United States. After, workers all over the world have continued the struggle to win this right. After, May Day subsequently became an annual event. Some countries celebrate Labour Day on other dates significant to them such as the United States and Canada.

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