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Thursday , December 1 2022
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Why people make Click Fraud Farm? Is it legal?

Why people make Click Fraud Farm? Is it legal?

In the recent past, Over 400 mobile phones, 17,000 SIM cards and 60 routers have emerged as a hot topic in Sri Lanka. There are many complained for that it was Click Farm, while another claimed that this was a terrorist act.

In this article , I hope to share about this act and dangerousness of this act.

Considering A Click Farm or Click Fraud Farm. it consists of a large number of mobile phones connected to one or more computers.

There are many things can be done through this Click Farm or Click Fraud Farm.

Most of the time these Click Farm use to increase reach and likes on social media accounts. As well as can increase YouTube views and add videos to your trending list in YouTube.

Similarly, Click Fraud Farm can spread News and Publications to the viral content of the society in countries like Sri Lanka. as well as it is possible to publish falsehood in a very short period of time.

So, There are ability to delete an account, page, video, or post by continuing to report using Click Fraud Farm. and Click Fraud Farm can be used to run fake ad clicks programs, sell SMS votes or campaign SMS, make international calls and increase website traffic by giving fake traffic.

So, In some situation these click firm use to create crises in a society. Therefore, these can be called as “troll farms”.

In recent past, Russia has been accused of using the troll farm to influence the American election and create crises in the US.

However, In most of the countries troll farm law is now banned. But, Asian countries like Sri Lanka have not yet enacted a proper legislation for troll farm.

There is a need to look into such matters and legislate even after this situation.

However, There are many information can be found on the use of click farms by large companies. As Example, Online retailers website like Aliexpress use these strategies to increase ratings for various products.

If you use Facebook social media, you will remember the most recent Facebook group and pages lost in the past. Many people have expressed the view that these click farms have an impact on such things.

So, There are people who play various online games through these click farms. And Click farms used to increase the download count for various apps in the play-store and app stores and also increase post reviews.

Considering in Sri Lanka, Authorities should open their eyes to make legislation for these types of acts. Otherwise, there will be great social upheaval.

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