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Sunday , March 26 2023
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Website Content Optimization with Improve website SEO

If you have a website with the creative and useful content, most of users like to visit and get knowledge from your site. Then you can get more visitors for your site and you can earn money by using your website. However, Creative and useful content is not the only factors to come and retain users with the website.In this post discuss about a one factor affecting to the users attraction of web site.That is time of website loading.Here discuss how to make a fast loading website. When considering fast loading of website that is not only affect to the costumer attraction of website but also ranking of the search engines.therefor, This post about both Costumer retention and SEO of web site.

How Website Content Optimization and Improve website SEO.

Website Content Optimization with Improve website SEO

when considering making a fast loading website in WordPress CMS, Can use many tricks, tools and methods for doing that.these are as follows.

Basic optimization techniques

Optimize images

When you using images in your website,it is good to use image size of 600px, 300px, 125px and JPG or JEPG format under less than 300 kb per one image and also using Lossless compressed images in post or webpage can save many bytes and seconds.

Optimize website’s HTTP request

If your website visits by same user, visitor’s web browser fetch data such as CSS files, JavaScript libraries, images,etc. after users web browser fetch data it makes HTTP request to your web server. if you have been limited the number of file to be displayed in users web browser that’s will reduce the times of HTTP request.

Using good host and DNS system

You will need very good server response, Mysql database and other database and DNS server response quickly. DNS lookup overall DNS server response time is a fact to load website faster.Using good proper host is the solution plus Avoiding unwanted URL redirection, URL masking, URL forwarding etc.

Use Content delivery network (CDN)

CDN does the process of distribute content such as Text, Graphic, Media, Codes, downloadable can get lot of CDN dedicated server to your website. Most of web devolopers use CDN because it has faster content delivery system process than own hosting server response,You can use CDN services of Cloudflare as free CDN and also Maxcdn by paying money.


Code Optimize of web sites

Compress HTML

By using minify HTML code,you can speed up webpage loading and save many bytes of web data.after safely reducing the your HTML code size can make your website load faster. it will reduce mobile transfer cost and optimize storage on embed systems. To compress your HTML’s from website you can use this Tool

Compress JavaScript

By compressing JavaScript codes in the website can save many bytes of data and speed up downloading your webpage to web browser, parsing, and execution time. For compress your JavaScript code you can use this Tool.this tool Remove the unnecessary JavaScript codes of your website and make your website load faster and render faster.

Compress CSS

another of impotent thing is Optimizing CSS codes of your can remove unnecessary CSS codes from your style-sheets such as unused and unnecessary white spaces, character spaces, newlines, tabs, callous boxes, buttons etc. and you can make your website Google bots crawling friendly by using Compressing CSS. So can CSS compressing tools like This


Other optimization techniques

Fonts optimization

Most of websites uses Google web fonts. and the recommended forts are the default fonts such as Ariel, Times new roman etc.

If you can make your website to load completely within 5- 15 seconds,then your website is running wit enough speed. But your web site do not loaded before 5-15 second you need to optimize heavily.I Hope if you follow these tricks to optimize your website to load faster, you website will be get loaded before typing address in address bar.


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