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Wednesday , October 13 2021
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Best Place to Learn any Subject Online for Sri Lanka Peoples

Best Place to Learn any Subject Online for Sri Lanka Peoples

Do you have a dream to follow good courses? or Do you have idea to follow courses but not have enough money for pay that courses. or Do you like to follow course in your home without going any classes?

If you have a one of above problem. Then this post specially for you. Here, I am going to discuss about what are the best resources you have for learning online.

So, if your problem is paying money but you have interest to learn then this post mention same best places also to follow best courses and make your dream true.

At present in Sri Lanka most of the things are digitized. Considering education sector it also somewhat devitalized in Sri Lanka. But considering whole world, the learning system complacently digitized.

So, Same of famous educational institutes and universities have been made educational web platform to learn in the home by accessing internet.

if you are a Sri Lanka, But not restriction to access these courses at your home also. and same of these web platform these courses are provide they with same fee. but, there are good website available provide same free courses also.

You can access these course from your home and Get that knowledge. Following shows the sites available these free and paid online courses.

1. Coursera

Coursera is a good place for digital learners. Coursera offering complete specializations for learners who wish to explore a subject in detail.

You can get a certificate on successful completion of, you can share on your LinkedIn profile as well.

2. YouTube

YouTube is a best place for learning new things and courses. You can easily access lots of great educational videos on YouTube and also when your typing the thing that you want to learn they provide best tutorial related to your requirements.

3. Lynda provide tons of online courses related to many subject areas. and You can also browse through their video tutorials taught by industry experts.

Linda courses expect same free for their courses. So, They have a good mobile app also to easy to process of following courses.

4. Udemy can help you take your skills to the next level. There are more than 60,000 courses available to choose. So, Udeny provide same free courses also.

So, you can learn at your home, which gives you the good freedom that digital learners are yearning for.

So, Other than above mentioned e learning platforms, followings are also you can get courses and learn at home.

5. Alison

6. Khan Academy

7. MIT Open Courseware

8. Open Culture

9. Open Yale Courses

Now, If you have same interest to learn something. Just go to above mentioned place and just search your requirement many suggestion courses. Then you can learn these courses at your home.

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